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The Age Wave Initiative of Lebanon County was established in late 2012, and kicked off with an introductory forum in January 2013, to advise business and community leaders of its mission and goals. The Initiative is comprised of a Steering Committee and two subcommittees – the Life Long Learning Committee (LLL) and the Long Term Living Committee (LTL). During the past few years, these committees have been actively pursuing ways to inform and engage individuals and community organizations regarding issues that will have an impact on the lives of aging individuals in Lebanon County in the next 20 years. Our ultimate aim is to bring the resources together that will help prepare our community for the future of aging.

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The Long Term Living Committee has…

  • Conducted additional forums dedicated to two identified focus areas – Housing and Exercise.
  • Worked with several local municipalities who have adopted the necessary zoning changes to allow for Accessory Dwelling Units in those areas identified as residential.
  • Introduced “Take 5 To Feel Alive” – an exercise concept designed to encourage daily exercise in small 5 minute intervals so as to allow the participant the opportunity to join in gradually.
  • Introduced the “PA Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment” (POLST) form to local hospitals, doctors, and emergency medical professionals along with other providers in Lebanon County. This form is designed for those patients in end state conditions to complete, in conjunction with their physicians, and allows for the patients’ rights and wishes to be honored.
  • Cooperated with students from the Physical Therapy Department of Lebanon Valley College in a program of exercise encouragement with residents of local retirement communities, designed to increase activity and affect lifelong behaviors.
  • Cooperated with a doctor from the Hershey Medical Center who is researching the effects of opening up the dialogue between family members regarding end of life issues. A research event titled “Project Talk” was held locally at the Lebanon HACC campus.


The Life Long Learning Committee has…

  • Prepared and distributed flyers (in English and Spanish) highlighting resources for seniors to access educational opportunities, volunteer possibilities, cultural enrichment, and employment options. Flyers are available here or by request at the Area Agency on Aging.
  • Presented workshops at the 50+ Festival on retirement/leisure time options and volunteer possibilities through RSVP, financial planning for retirement, and maintaining “analog values in a digital world.”
  • Coordinated a hands-on “communication devices” workshop for residents of local retirement communities led by Lebanon Valley college student service sorority volunteers.


Have you considered any of these issues related to your own aging?

  • Are my aging parents living independently?
    • Have they made plans for their aging?
    • Where will they live when they can no longer take care of themselves?
    • Have they chosen insurance options which meet their needs and are affordable?


  • At what age will I be able to retire?
    • Am I saving enough money to be able to retire?
    • Will my savings last throughout my retirement?
    • How will the changes in Social Security retirement age requirements affect my retirement plans?


  • What will I do when I retire?
    • Could I continue working? What else could I do?
    • How can I have a vital lifestyle?


  • Where will I live when I get older?
    • What housing options are available?
    • What type of senior living option will I be able to afford?
    • If I stay in my own home, who will be able to provide home care services for me?


  • How can I maintain my good health as long as possible?
    • Who will take care of me if my health fails?
    • What do all of the Medicare rules mean?
    • Will I need additional medical insurance?


  • What does it mean to think about end-of-life decisions?


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