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As discussed in previous blogs, our first initiative is to use the information provided by the Temple University students regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) to work with Lebanon County municipalities to consider amending their respective zoning ordinances to allow ADUs in their communities. (An ADU can provide an alternative to assisted living or nursing care by allowing an additional independent living space within existing single-family lots. This can be accomplished by conversion of existing interior space, an addition to an existing home, or in a detached structure on the same parcel). Last October a presentation was made to municipal officials at the Lebanon County Municipal Officials Convention. The presentation was well received, and as a result five municipalities expressed interest in amending their regulations to accommodate ADUs. Heidelberg Township was one of these municipalities and I am happy to report they adopted regulations on June 24, 2014. To date there are now four (4) municipalities in Lebanon County that allow ADUs; East Hanover Township, Heidelberg Township, North Cornwall Township, and South Londonderry Township.

With the Lebanon County Municipal Officials Convention coming up in October I will be sending out an email blast to municipalities to keep this on their radar. I will attach the sample ordinance provided by the Temple students along with copies of the ADU regulations provided in the above referenced municipal zoning ordinances.

If you would like to be part of this committee or can provide information that would be beneficial for this group, please contact Julie Cheyney –

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