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Premiere Life Event



Bill Cave

Bill Cave

What do you suppose is the premier event for those of us who are journeying through the second half of life?

In response to that question, Richard Johnson, Ph.D, a contemporary gerontologist who is promoting a new narrative, a new story for the meaning of growing older, observes:

“The premier event of the second half of life is a gradual shift….away

from our functional work role to a more spiritually expressive role of

new meaning , and quickened spiritual intensity.”

As our spiritual pace quickens during the second half of life, we begin to discover our inner potential which allows us to see ourselves and our world differently. This increased “spiritual intensity” encourages us to become more intentional about life, to allow ourselves to delight in the simple things. As never before, we now feel deeper and choose to live our lives with greater clarity and to act with a new sense of freedom and purpose.

As Dr. Johnson observes further, “spiritual development in the second half of life (thus) propels us to new and exciting heights of heart, mind, and soul”. This is the time when the task of renewal beckons us and allows us to move closer to capturing a sense of wholeness which becomes a hallmark of our maturing years.

Bill Cave, MDiv

Geriatric Social Worker, Retired

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